Sam, 23.
I exist, I'm pretty normal.
I would like to be more interesting.
I'm full of ambitions I will never achieve.

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a lesson in how to improve a masterpiece

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i keep getting emotional about not having long hair anymore.

it’s just too much pain for one man to handle.


being dead just seems like such an easy alternative to being alive


i should take my own advice

wah wah wah don’t be so emo

Character portraits for Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, 2012.

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cant sleep. need snow.

life sucks wanna quit

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b mine <3

Get out of bed & go to work
Kill self
I guess I’ll go to work.

i wanna throw up and then ball up in bed forever


Eccleston on Flickr.

Yes Jack! Summer days and bike rides, all about this! That dude in the background has a sick bike…

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